Supply chain data critically important to ESG investing


Supply chain data critically important to ESG investing

Martina Macpherson, ODDO BHF AM, Head of ESG Strategy and GMC Member speaks ahead of the SustainableFinance.LIVE workshops on December 1st and 2nd, about the challenges and opportunities that will be addressed over the two-day event.

How do PE firms get supply chain data into their ESG risk analysis.

Tony Wines CEO Turnkey Group talks with Richard Peers about the real world work they do to improve corporate productivity and operations can help ESG and Sustainable Finance.

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Webinar “ESG: Why is important for companies and investors?”

What are the challenges and advantages of ESG, and how can companies achieve long-term value creation?

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) refer to the three central factors in measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment in a company or business. Nowadays, these three factors are becoming everybody’s concern.

COVID-19 disrupted business operations, supply chains, and economies around the globe. In regards to this, businesses had to respond to multiple crises throughout their operations. Companies sought to make critical choices concerning procurement, logistics, and go-forward strategies.

Having a clear ESG purpose became essential. It shouldn’t be viewed as simply another regulatory action to take or a box to check, but rather as an opportunity to achieve long-term value creation.

The Hellenic-Italian Chamber of Commerce of Athens in collaboration with ICAP CRIF​ and Synesgy​, is delighted to invite you to a Webinar: “ESG: Why is important for companies and investors?”


-Economic Materiality of ESG Risk

-Synesgy: the ESG global digital platform for supply chains assessment

-Q &A

Our Speakers:
• Dr. George Christodoulakis – Executive Member of ICAP CRIF BoD, Head of the Credit Rating Agency
• Francesco Portioli, ESG Partner Enhancement for Synesgy, CRIF
• Ioannis Tsamichas – President of Hellenic-Italian Chamber of Commerce- Athens

ESG Investing Explained: It’s Not What You Think

Environmental social governance or ESG investing has been attracting large amounts of assets under management as ESG data providers provide incentives for companies to greenwash their collateral. ESG ratings are not what they seem because ESG scores can dramatically differ for the same company depending on which provider you choose. This is ESG explained for what it is, not the feel-good stories you read on the news. Our ESG investing analysis looks at how the rules cannot be agreed upon, the methodologies do not outperform, and that the data can be tortured to tell ESG investors whatever they want to hear. It’s ESG scores explained for those who are asking, what’s going on under the hood? The answer? Nobody really knows.

1. Are Green Tech Stocks Less Profitable?
2. Should Social Media Data be Used for ESG Investing?
3. ESG Investing – How to Handle AI and Robotics?
4. Does Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) Outperform?

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Why Does ESG Matter to Supply Chains?

A discussion about the importance of applying environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations to global supply chains, with Jonathon Karelse, chief executive officer, and Y Nguyen, governance and risk management practice lead, with NorthFind Management.

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