HSBC pinpoints top transformations across the correspondent banking business


HSBC pinpoints top transformations across the correspondent banking business

Akshat Saharia, Head of European Financial Institutions Product and Propositions, HSBC Europe speaks to FinextraTV in the lead-up to EBAday 2021 about the major transformations we're seeing in the correspondent banking business, the impact of ISO20022 on the payments landscape, the benefits and challenges involved and how these can be overcome.

15 Things You Didn’t Know About HSBC

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In this video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
What is HSBC?
How owns HSBC?
How big is HSBC?
Can HSBC be trusted?
How valuable is HSBC?
Where is the HSBC headquarters?
What is HSBC’s net worth?
What programs does HSBC have?
Who is the CEO of HSBC?

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HSBC Sees Asia as a Strong Platform for Growth: CEO

Noel Quinn, chief executive officer at HSBC, discusses the reopening of Hong Kong following the global pandemic, the business in Asia and China’s economic challenges. He speaks on Bloomberg Television on the sidelines of the Global Financial Leaders’ Investment Summit in Hong Kong.
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KYC or Due Diligence Requirements for a Correspondent Banking Relationship

KYC or Due Diligence Requirements for a Correspondent Banking Relationship.

This video covers some important aspects of Correspondent banking, like definition, what all document are required and other KYC requirements.

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Guidance on Correspondent Banking | Correspondence Account | Correspondent Definition – AML Tutorial

In this video we explore the world of Correspondent Banking and how vulnerable it is to money laundering.

The full items covered in this AML tutorial are:
– What is Correspondent Banking
– Why is Correspondent banking vulnerable to money laundering?
– Consequences for not governing correspondent banking relationships effectively
– Example of Bad Correspondent Banking governance


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