Dematerialising trade finance during COVID-19


Dematerialising trade finance during COVID-19

Raphael Barisaac, Global Co-Head of Cash Management and Global Co-Head of Trade, UniCredit speaks to Hannah Wallace, FinextraTV about the impact of Covid-19 on future corporate finance and liquidity requirements, whether we have come to the end of the road in our efforts to dematerialise trade finance and what banks are doing internally to automate the complexity of trade processing and operations…

RELEASED – Trade Finance Talks Summer Issue – Coronavirus & The Fourth Industrial Revolution

We’ve just released our latest issue of Trade Finance Talks, the summer edition. Here’s a sneak preview of what’s in stock in this special issue, read it free on TFG:

22. Trade Finance & Supply Chain

MIT 15.S12 Blockchain and Money, Fall 2018
Instructor: Prof. Gary Gensler
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Prof. Gensler explores trade finance, its attributes, and the significant activity of blockchain technology behind it.

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COVID-19 Briefing – How Banks Digitise their Trade Business

Welcome to the ICC Academy COVID-19 Briefing – an interactive video series where we explore the economic and health implications and what must be done to ensure a successful recovery. In this episode, we will discuss how bankers can digitise their trade finance business.

Our special guests include Steven Beck, Head of Trade and Supply Chain Finance, ADB; David Meynell, co-owner of & Senior Technical Advisor, ICC Banking Commission; Gadi Ruschin, CEO & Co-founder, WAVE (OGYDocs); Jacco de Jong, Global Head of Sales, Bolero; and Alexander Goulandris, Co-CEO and CRO, EssDocs.

Download the PPT slides –
Download the PPT slides –
Download the PPT slides –

Trade finance and its role during COVID-19

Trade finance – typically provided by banks and other financial institutions – is crucial to the success of a developing economy. Through services such as letters of credit for importers and guarantees for exporters, trade finance facilitates transactions, allowing businesses to buy and sell goods more easily.

At CDC, it has been a critical tool for us during the pandemic, enabling businesses to access capital and maintain operations, without needing to dilute ownership or jeopardise their financial health.

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