What advantages a loan without private credit offers

Compared to a traditional loan, a loan without private credit offers you some advantages. You will experience the first significant difference to normal loans when making the loan request and the following credit check. Normally, a data query from private credit is part of the standard program for the bank. If you apply for a loan without private credit, however, the data exchange with the credit report is waived. Therefore, a private credit-free loan is also suitable for those who have negative information.

What makes a loan without private credit

With normal loans, the negative features sometimes turn out to be insurmountable hurdles. The private creditfreie variant, however, is also to get a very bad private credit. The elimination of the data exchange between the lending bank and private credit brings another advantage: the loan is not stored at the private credit and thus remains practically “invisible” for other banks, for companies etc. For this reason, the special financings are also as second-hand loans very popular. You can take them in addition to existing loans without affecting the current loans. No data transfer with the private credit means much more discretion than with other loans.

A loan without private credit is discreet

To ensure that this discretion is maintained, Crediter treats your request in strict confidence. Your details are safe with Crediter, and you can rely on speedy processing without any cost. If your loan is approved without private credit, you can have the money transferred to your account. However, if your bank does not get wind of credit without private credit, this is not an optimal solution. Finally, the receipt of payment then appears in the system of the bank and on your account statements. That’s why Crediter offers you a cash payment of the loan by mail. You then receive your money in a neutral envelope directly to your home.

The guidelines for a non-private credit loan are less stringent than for normal funding. This often makes borrowing possible even in very difficult cases. However, the loan amounts are limited. Whether your financing request can be realized as a loan without private credit, you can now find out with no pre-cost with your loan request. The online form is available 24 hours a day. You will receive a free and completely non-binding offer.

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