Instant loan despite private credit

The number of credit intermediaries who also offer instant loans despite a negative private credit entry has risen steadily in recent years. The financing offer is aimed at people who have a negative private credit entry and have already been rejected by other banks.

In the private credit name, address and also the number of active current accounts, credit cards and the number of loans or telephone contracts are stored. However, the private credit also stores information on foreclosures, garnishments or terminated accounts that have already taken place. Debtors who have a negative private credit entry get a lower credit rating, so that it is hardly possible to get a loan from a bank despite private credit.

Instant loans despite private credit – is that even possible?

Instant loans despite private credit - is that even possible?

Yes! But only if you turn to specialized credit intermediaries. It should be noted, however, that interest rates on such loans are significantly higher than for ordinary financing. However, debtors save the private credit review, so a negative entry does not play a significant role. However, it is important that the debtor fulfill other conditions: the creditor must have a regular income;

Nebenjobber, unemployed or reform recipients have usually no chance to complete such a loan offer. Employees with permanent employment, pensioners and civil servants, as a rule, have no problem obtaining an instant loan without private credit’s information.

It is important, however, that debtors pay their monthly installment payments on time. If there is a failure to pay the installment, a pardon is automatically applied for. As a rule, the processing fees and interest are higher than other loans.

For this reason, only persons who have a negative private credit entry and have already been rejected by other banks should only take such a loan. For “security reasons”, because the applicant does not want a private credit information to be obtained, one should not conclude a loan without private credit information, as this is significantly more expensive.

The question of respectability

The increased demand of course has ensured that more and more banks have dealt with the issue and now offer a loan despite negative private credit entry. But this also means that the number of companies, which can also be called “black sheep”, has risen.

The reputable credit broker will make a comparison and present the various offers to his customers. In doing so, the credit broker also pays attention to the personal situation of the customer and tries to find a loan offer that is tailored to the individual needs of the applicant.

The simplest and fastest form of instant loan? Advisable is the so-called short-term loan. The short-term credit differs in the amount of the loan and also in the term. As a rule, only a proof of income is required; on a private credit query is waived.

Normally, no high salary inputs are required for such short-term loans. E already has credit institutions that already give their approval from a monthly net income of around 500 euros. The maximum amount of such a loan is 1,000 euros; the term is set at a maximum of 90 days.

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