How to get a loan now with bad private credit

With bad private credit, you have little chance of getting a loan from most banks. Your credit application may still be accepted by the banks. However, if the negative entries in the private credit become known in the course of the credit check, you will very quickly receive a rejection.

Why you often have no chance with bad private credit

A bad private credit usually means that you are no longer creditworthy at many banks – no matter how void the reason for your negative entry may actually be. The employees of the banks with the big names are simply not interested in the background.

But that does not mean you just have to put up with this ignorance. You can take countermeasures and search your instant loan online. With Crediter, you have a competent partner at your side, with whom you can easily and quickly reach your destination. With cre credit you can in many cases even get a bad private credit credit.

Loan request with bad private credit

Loan request with bad private credit

What differentiates a loan application for credit from a request that you make, for example, at your local bank? The answer: a lot. Because cre-credit begins where others stop, only correctly. You have a bad private credit or already existing obligations? Cre-credit still tries to find the best possible solution for you.

The donors and brokers with whom Crediter works together are not deterred by one or the other negative private credit entry. They know very well that many consumers are in a difficult situation without being responsible. And lenders do not want to “punish” those affected with a premature cancellation – they want to help if possible. This is why some of Crediter’s banking partners are also characterized by particularly generous acceptance criteria.

A fair chance – even if the house bank has refused

Even if you have failed at your local bank or at various other banks with your loan request: Try it anyway still with Crediter. In fact, you have absolutely nothing to lose because your request to Crediter is not linked to any costs or obligations. You will receive a personal offer free of charge, which you can check in peace at home. You only call the proposed loan if you are really convinced. Otherwise, simply delete the offer again. Of course Crediter can not guarantee in advance that you will definitely get a loan. But the chances are much better here in many cases. Here it goes directly to the online loan application.

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